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Aztec Temple Slot Demo Machine: Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

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Platipus Gaming’s free slots game, “The Aztec Temple slot demo,” features five reels and pays out on twenty fixed lines. With its theme inspired by the legendary city of gold associated with the Aztec civilization, players can anticipate the possibility of winning significant rewards. However, due to the game’s medium volatility, these rewards may not occur frequently, making it a high-risk, high-reward slot game.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack In Aztec Temple Slot Demo

“The Aztec Temple” is a slot game designed with an Aztec theme that gives players the sensation of playing with a giant stone puzzle within an ancient temple. The use of stone carvings as symbols, combined with a jungle background featuring swampy greens and blues, creates an explorer’s experience within a lost world. 

The game’s brightness and colorfulness, supplemented by gold highlights for the Wild and Scatter symbols, are not overwhelming. However, with various settings, the screen can become somewhat cluttered with the numerous buttons located at the top and bottom. 

Nonetheless, players can easily disregard what they don’t require after a few spins. The game’s soundtrack is suitable for the Aztec theme, featuring soft pipe music, and the sound of stone slabs sliding into place, similar to what you’ll hear in other Aztec themed slots like Aztec Spins slot.

RTP & Volatility In Aztec Temple Slot Demo

“The Aztec Temple” has a theoretical return to player rate of 94.97%. It is a slot game with medium to high volatility, which implies that while players can win substantial prizes, they may also go through several spins without a victory. One of the factors contributing to the game’s big wins is the multiplier feature.

How To Play The Aztec Temple

To play “The Aztec Temple,” all you need to do is push a button and spin the reels. However, the game has various settings and controls that can help players make the most of their gaming experience. These settings include:

  1. The mute button (speaker icon) located at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. The three lines symbol enables players to access game information and other menus.
  3. The paytable to view prizes, odds, rules, and game settings; history to review bet and win records; and fullscreen to expand the game screen.
  4. The autoplay button with two arrows that allow players to select the number of spins, maximum win, and maximum loss. However, even the lowest settings may be relatively high, so caution is advised.
  5. The line bet selection at the bottom of the screen, with a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 6. Since the game has 20 lines, the total bet is 20 times the line bet, with a maximum total bet of 40.
  6. The win counter is located at the bottom of the screen to track the previous spin’s winnings.
  7. Once all settings have been adjusted, players can start playing the game and enjoy it responsibly.

The Aztec Temple Bonus Features

“The Aztec Temple” has a bonus mode that revolves around free spins, but with some exciting twists. To trigger this mode, players need to land three Scatter symbols, which will grant them ten free spins. 

If the Scatter symbols appear on multiple lines, the game will award multiple sets of free spins, increasing players’ chances of winning big. Moreover, if during the free spins round, three additional Scatter symbols appear on the first three reels, the game will reset the number of free spins to the amount initially won in the bonus game. For instance, if a player started with twenty free spins, they would reset to twenty.

In “The Aztec Temple slot demo”, the free spin mode starts with a prize multiplier of x3, which increases players’ chances of hitting big wins. Additionally, during the bonus game, the same line and total bet as the spin that triggered the feature are used. Another unique feature of this game is its multiplier, which is active both in the main game and the bonus mode. 

This feature is straightforward: each consecutive win raises the prize multiplier from a base of 1x to a maximum of 5x. However, in the free spin mode, the multiplier changes to a base of 3x and a maximum of 15x, providing players with even more opportunities to increase their winnings.

Overall Review

Platipus Gaming’s “The Aztec Temple slot demo” is an engaging slots game that revolves around a fascinating theme. With its diverse range of features and game modes, players are sure to find the gameplay intriguing. The Avalanche multiplier feature, in particular, is the standout feature of the game, as it has the potential to result in substantial prizes. However, as with other games with high volatility, players must understand that these significant wins may be infrequent.

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