how online slots work

Complete Guide to How Online Slots Work

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Do you understand clearly how online slots work?. If you do not, you better not miss this post.

In recent years, online slots have grown in popularity, with many players flocking to online casinos solely for the slots. These have some of the most thrilling and fascinating games on any site, as well as the largest rewards (for a taste of what to expect, visit my guide to the Biggest Jackpots!). 

Every online slot game has its unique theme and features, but many of them have the same basic framework. 

Explanation: How Online Slots Work

In this post, I go over every aspect on how online slots work , starting with the random number generator that controls the game, then moving on to how you’ll win, and finally, the most popular extras and features available online.

how online slots work

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

Every online slot is run by a random number generator (RNG), which will be thoroughly verified to guarantee that it is truly random. Whatever type of slot game you’re playing, the RNG will choose which symbols appear on each and every reel, which is why each spin has a different combination of symbols. 

Aside from slots, the RNG will be in charge of all other casino games, such as deciding where the ball will fall on a virtual roulette table or which cards will be dealt in virtual blackjack.

The fact that each spin is the result of newly randomized numbers is something that many beginning players overlook. While our minds perceive things in order (for example, a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ run), the reality is that the last spin has no impact on the upcoming one. There are progressive bonus games and features, but the importance of unpredictability is easy to overlook!

How to Win at Online Slot Game

Next part is about how to win online slot. When you hit consecutive symbols from left to right in the base game, you’ll get the most of your winnings. A look at a slot’s pay table will reveal how many of each symbol you’ll need and how much you’ll win if you get them all. Because the majority of slot games let you play more than one pay line (some even up to 100), you’ll need to hit these symbols in a row on one of the pay lines to win.

The pay table on a conventional 5 reel slot will show you that the highest rewards are given when you hit 5 in a row, while the smallest winnings are usually given when you hit 2 or 3 in a row. Some slots have a ‘all pays’ feature, which means you can win by landing symbols on consecutive reels no matter where they appear on the reels.

The casinos gain competitive edge over time, ranging from 2% to 5%. The appeal of slot games is that you can win large amounts of money in a short period of time. As you learn more about the topic, you’ll discover that some slots have higher ‘variance’ than others. 

There are games that pay out smaller amounts more frequently (low volatility) and games that pay out less frequently but give out big rewards when they do (higher variance).

Online Slots Extras


‘Wilds’ can be found in a large number of online slots. These are symbols that can be replaced for any other symbol, allowing for a better number of winnings.

A 5 in a row winning is possible with four red sevens and a wild on a pay line, for example. Some wilds will be stacked, allowing them to cover an entire reel, while others will be multipliers, allowing all winnings made with the wild to be multiplied by the right amount.


Scatter symbols payoff depending on the number of times they appear on the reels, regardless of their position. For example, you might come across a scatter symbol that pays out when three or more appear on the reels, so if it appears on reels 2, 4, and 5, you’ll win. 

A scatter symbol is most commonly used to activate a bonus feature, such as a free spins round, in online slots. It’s possible that the more scatters you land to activate the feature, the better the feature or the higher the jackpot. After landing two scatters, many online slots will really slow down, adding tension to the play as the other reels ground to a stop.

Free Spins

You’ll probably figure out from the name that you won’t have to pay for these spins, but you’ll usually find that they add something to a standard spin. This might be due to the fact that each win is multiplied, or the presence of additional wilds on the reels, or the opportunity to activate unique features.

Gamble Features

After any winning spin, certain slots will offer a betting choice. This may provide you the opportunity to double or even triple your winnings. These are normally dependent on the toss of a coin or the turn of a playing card, but they might vary from slot to slot.

Progressive Jackpots

Many players will go straight for the progressive jackpot slots, which provide the most generous rewards. These Jackpots are generated by giving a small percentage of each bet to the Jackpot pool, which is why you’ll see the Jackpot reward amounts steadily increasing. Some jackpots are only available at certain How Online Slots Work, while others are shared over a number of slots, online casinos, or a combination of the two.

Other Bonus Features

The variety of various bonus features provided can be rather extensive. A pick-em round, a wheel of fortune-style game, or even a gaming map where you move from feature to feature may be included. 

The number of features available will vary from game to game; some slots may only have a basic base game, while others may have a variety of features. Of course, with so many slot games to choose from, the decision is yours!

That’s all I have to say about how online slots work . Those of you who are interested in playing online slot games should find this article helpful. Don’t forget to check out other articles on online slots from me.

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