Online Slots Bankroll Management You Should Understand

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Although online slots bankroll management may seem more like accountancy than the fun of playing slots, it serves a very important role.

You’ll be able to enjoy the games for longer if you manage your slots bankroll wisely, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards that come along when things go well more often. You’ll have a higher chance of being around when that life-changing jackpot hits if you optimize your play for your bankroll. 

I’d want to underline one important point: no bankroll management strategy will be effective unless you start with the ‘golden rule,’ which states that you should only bet with money you can afford to lose.

online slots bankroll management

This page will divide online slots management into three categories:

  • The Math – How many bets should you place at the start of a session, or, put it another way, what size bets should you place for a certain bankroll?
  • The Background – How percentages of ‘Return to Player’ and ‘variance’ affect winning streaks and Win online Slot Games.
  • Bonuses, Loyalty Schemes, and Free Spins – This section explains how they have a considerably bigger impact on your slots bankroll than you would think.

Check the complete explanation in the section below.

The Math of Slots Bankroll Management

Let’s start with the number of bets you should have before beginning a session. Of course, this number might fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Your ability to reload, personal risk tolerance, and the sorts of slots you play are all factors to consider (see below). To begin a slot session, I use the following rule of thumb.

The average number of Spins x 100

So, for 50c spins, start with $50, and for $2 spins, start with $200.

This strikes a balance between providing you enough time to play for extra features or bigger regular winnings while not requiring an unreasonable amount of money to begin a session.

You’ll be up for certain sessions and not for others. For most players, this provides a good balance between prospective rewards and little pain when things go wrong.

With a set beginning amount, the ‘100x rule’ makes it simple to calculate how much to spin for. For example, $1.50c spins may be had on a $150 session.

Individual Sessions as a Percentage of Your Bankroll

It is never a good idea to start a session with your full casino bankroll. The majority of players take a percentage of this per session and then quit if they go below that percentage.

For slot play, I have a personal guideline of 10%.

So, with a total casino bankroll of $2000, you may start a slot session with $200 and spin for $2 every spin if you follow the 1/100th rule.

Individual differences have a significant role in this. You can be more flexible if you can easily replace the money in your bankroll. If you have a certain amount to bet with that is tough to replace, you might choose to stick to a 5 percent each session rather than a 10% per session.

Factors Which Will Affect Online Slots Bankroll Management

Your slot bankroll management strategy will be affected by the types of slots you play. RTP and Variance are the two key parameters at play here.

Return to Player (RTP)

The return to player percentage is referred to as RTP. Every slot game has a number (typically displayed!) that represents the tested average of the money put in and returned to the player. Because this is a long-term average, your results may differ from session to session. RTP is still a good indicator of how ‘greedy’ a game is in terms of the money it pays out.

RTP rates for online slots often range from 92 percent to 98 percent. My personal cutoff criterion is 95%; I’d have to have a compelling reason to play any slot that requires more! Although there aren’t many games at the upper end, 96 percent to 97 percent is a good objective to shoot for.

Keep in mind that 95 percent equals 5c on the dollar to see how this works. The average payoff when you spin for $1 is 95c. If you spin 100 times, you’ll win an average of $95 in the long term. Many players will win more than $100 in the short term, while others will winless — on balance, the game will have taken $5 from circulation.


Some slots payout small winnings regularly, while others payout far less frequently yet pay out a big amount when they do.

In other words, the regular small reward slot game is ‘low volatility (the results of anyone session do not fluctuate significantly), but the irregular bigger reward slot game is ‘high variance’ (results of individual sessions vary a lot).

This has an impact on how you manage your money. If you stick to lower variance games, you’ll require a smaller bankroll than if you stick to higher variance games, even if your average wins will be the same.

Jackpot slots are more likely to have a higher variance. Because the occasional big winnings are included in their average returns, the remaining winnings must be reduced to compensate. 

Of course, there are differences in jackpot games. You’ll know what to expect the next time you read a slot review and see the variance mentioned!

How Bonuses Schemes Will Affect your Slots Bankroll

A welcome bonus – generally given as a match to your first deposit – is available for the first 30 to 60 days at a new casino (s).

While this can help to grow your bankroll, bear in mind that if you find a casino that you prefer, you may be playing slots there for years. Over time, the loyalty schemes, promos, and bonuses like free spins will have a far bigger effect on your bankroll than the ‘headline’ welcome bonus.

Before you join a casino with a large welcome bonus, make sure you check out the following to ensure your bankroll will be topped up in the long term:

  • Comp Points – The best casinos award points for slots play which can be swapped for extra bonuses. Look out for tiered loyalty schemes, where you earn points faster as you move up the levels.
  • Free Spins –  Often given with welcome bonuses, many casinos offer regular players free spin promos too. These let you try out the latest games with the casino’s money.
  • Reload Bonuses – If you do manage to break out, it’s always great to get a bonus for those extra deposits. Look for casinos that give reload bonuses on a regular basis.
  • One-Off Promos (promotions) – I’d want to see a list of them, as well as any past promotions. The biggest casinos are always devising new ways to reward their loyal players, whilst some casinos are poor in this respect.
  • Tournament Entries – Slot tournaments are fun bonuses; you’ll have time on a slot game to attempt to beat the other players’ winnings. These are frequently offered as bonuses to loyal players.

These incentives add up, and choosing a casino that treats you properly may have a significant impact on your slot bankroll over time. 

That’s all I have to say about the online slots bankroll management. When playing online slot games, you may utilize it to effectively manage your bankroll.

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