Martian Miner Infinity Reels Review

Martian Miner Infinity Reels Review: Medium Volatile RTP 96.18%

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Are you looking for this Martian Miner Infinity Reels review? We will give you its explanation! A rising star The Infinity Reels mechanic from ReelPlay has been licensed by BB Games for their 3rd release of this game. 

BB Games has a history of sticking to fairly conventional themes, so this game is even more of a change. However, if you look at how BB builds their games, you’ll notice things like double grids, indicating that they like to do things a little differently. 

Once it comes to Martian Miner Infinity Reels, this is surely the case. There are a lot of Infinity Reels slots out there right now, but none are quite like this one.

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Explanation of Martian Miner Infinity Reels Review

At first glance, you could believe you’ve started a PG Soft Infinity Reels game. This is due to the default 3-reel, the 4-row grid being jammed into a small region in the screen’s center, within a futuristic drilling mechanism. 

The rest of the graphic depicts a base camp on Mars, with reddish rocks and many bubble-shaped tents off in the distance lit by a distant sun. Though visually unimpressive, it’s an intriguing picture nonetheless, and one that you rarely, if ever, see in slots.

RTP and Volatility

Setting a stake ranging from 20p/c to £/€100 every spin is required to participate in the digging. Volatility is medium to high, and the return value varies depending on whether you play regularly or use the bonus buy. 

Free spins are awarded at a rate of 96.06%, which rises to 96.18% if you choose for the 20 free spins bonus buy selection.


To win in Martian Miner, you’ll need at least five matching symbols to land from the upper reel to the lower reel. A new reel is created if the 4th reel enhances the win in any manner, and the same rule applies. 

New reels are added until the win cannot be enhanced anything more, at which point the grid is reset for the next spin. Despite the name, the reels are not limitless, but only reach a maximum of 76.

Paying Symbols

There are 15 pay symbols on the board, 5 of which are 10-A royals, and the remaining 10 are gems or metals such as iron, bronze, silver, gold, sapphires, platinum, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and marsonite, similar to the excess of reels. 

The paytable value is multiplied by the number of participating symbols to determine the payout. Five marsonite symbols, for example, have a value of 15 times the total stake. Keep in mind that gems are only put to the reels for bonus rounds and do not appear in the base game.

Furthermore, the spaceman tile serves as a wild symbol that can be used to replace any of the pay symbols. Extra wilds are included to game’s reels after the first 5 consecutive infinite wins.

Game Features

The main feature of Martian Miner is a round of free spins, which is accompanied by a Teleport Reel Modifier and a buy bonus. 

Players are transferred to a random depth to complete the spin when it is activated. The high-paying gem symbols take the place of the metal symbols during the spin.

When 10 or more reels are inserted, free spins are awarded. During this process, fuel cell symbols appear, and the amount of them gathered equals the number of free spins for the bonus round. 

High-paying symbols are freed and replaced by lower-paying symbols when the digger reaches specified depths during free spins (every 10 more reels). In addition, three new symbols appear during free spins.

If you don’t want to wait for free spins, you can always buy them if the option is available. There are three alternatives for free spins: 12, 16, or 20 valued at 50, 75, or 100 times the total stake.

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Final Summary

It’s certainly unique, and some players may enjoy the off-world journey. Originality is rewarded in an industry where the same old format, themes, and features are repeatedly copied or recreated. To put it another way, Martian Miner may be so far ahead of the curve that it’s difficult to relate to it. 

One concern is that players who are accustomed to reels spinning up and down may take some time to adjust to the sideways movement. 

The up-and-down motion makes sense since it resembles how a mining gear would dig into the ground. However, it’s an acquired taste that can either excite or make you sick. Finally, that is king4d Martian Miner Infinity Reels review

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